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Philippians 4:8

Monday, December 27, 2010

Decorative Chalkboard Trays

I love to hunt for old silver trays, large plates or platters at different garage sales and thrift stores. I bring them home, sand them with metal sandpaper and then I use a blackboard paint to create the chalkboard. This paint can be purchased at Home Depot or Michael's Craft Store. I use these trays for almost every event and holiday. It is also nice to have small trays to use for table numbers at weddings.

               This is one tray that I have on display in my bathroom. This one was three dollars.
This tray has silver molded roses all around the outer edges. I use it for tea parties, showers and weddings. Most of the time I write out the event's menu on it. This particular tray was a bit difficult to make because it had engraving on it. I had to put four layers of paint to make the blackboard surface smooth. Well worth it! The tray was eight dollars and is silver plated. What a buy!

Here is another three dollar silver plated tray. This one has found it's home in my dining room.

This is an old picture frame I found in my garage. Unfortunately or fortunately the glass in it had broken. I created the blackboard by painting over the hard cardboard surface that was behind the glass.

    This is the same chalkboard made from the picture frame above. My daughter enjoys using it as a message board.

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