"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Comedy of Errors!

I spent Labor Day in San Clemente, helping my daughter move to Camp Pendleton. What a feat that was!
 I no longer have youth's energy. It was all worth it to spend time with our darling Robert!
We came home to my $1,800 May Tag 5 1/2 year old refrigerator burnt out! Just a week prior to this, my Neptune Maytag top of the line washer and dryer quit on me. The washer and refrigerator have both been rebuilt since we purchased them 5 1/2 yrs. ago.
Sarah found a great refrigerator on Craig's List. We bought it, and her dad helped me bring it home. As we were unloading our trip to San Clemente, we were also bringing the new refrigerator in the house. I cannot do any lifting because of certain surgeries. Ray was on his own, he and a dolly.
As Ray was on the second front porch step, a wasp stung him right on his jugular vein. He kept right on moving.
My salmon, chicken, and a bunch of frozen casseroles were all ruined inside of my pooped out refrigerator! Yuk!
Well, the refrigerator didn't fit through the kitchen threshold. After removing much molding from my door frames, and after adrenaline rushing while watching Ray carry in a refrigerator up three narrow steps by himself, I cleaned the refrigerator and made us something to eat.
That evening, I went to my garage to get a screw driver. I always walk in through the small door. Unannounced to me, Sarah's dad had opened the large, heavy, wooden door. He left it opened. I was in the dark and slam!! I rammed my forehead smack into the uplifted door salvage. I saw stars and tripped to the ground.
 I went inside to give Ray a piece of my mind, and there he was icing his big old swollen wasp sting. I just went and made myself an icepack for my forehead bump and said nothing. Whew!
The next morning, I decided to wash my filthy car before marketing for new groceries. I am outside in 100 degree weather with my phone in my pocket; washing my car. All of a sudden, no kidding! Over 100 wasps circled me. I had a hose in my hand , so I squirted them and ran inside the house. I went to call my friend, but my phone was ruined from squirting the wasps. I left through the back door to run my errands. As I drove down the street, a huge U-Haul darts in front of me without blinking and THEN!! they stopped dead in front of me to read a street sign. I had to swerve over and hit the curb to avoid hitting them UNREAL!!!
I commenced my way to Sears to pay a bill with adrenaline pumping still.
 By the front entrance into Sears, there was a homeless, schizophrenic man eating out of the trash.
He was speaking in a very high pitched woman's voice and answering himself back with a low, low Baritone man's voice. It made chills down my spine. I had my hand on the door and froze for a second. When he started waving his huge arms around, I ran inside Sears and reported him!
I had a wonderful lunch with a very wonderful friend on the way home from my strange morning.
She shared some easy, wonderful recipes with me. I will post them very soon. I want her permission. I made them today already for dinner!
To end this comedy of errors day, I decided to finish some curtains I am sewing for my daughter. I was ironing the fabric when an Ant, God knows where it came from! It bit me on the white of my eyeball. Screaming, I ran to the bathroom and flushed him out with cold water. I looked with a magnifying glass and part of him was still in me. I got tweezers and pulled it out. I spent last night with a bump on the forehead and tonight with a swollen eye!
I thank God that I still have His peace. But my flesh thinks: "What in the HECK is going on?"
With fires Earthquakes, Wars, and the terrible economy, my cares are minute. It somehow feels better to share them, and to LAUGH at them!
Have a great upcoming weekend.
I enjoyed the stars last night . I have a painting of them I will share this weekend!
Be well, and God Bless us all!
Robinbird :)

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