"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Monday, October 3, 2011

Retro Shellback Metal Chairs Revamped

 This table below, was under $10.00. I think it was 5 or 7,  I honestly cannot remember exactly.
 This metal table below, was rusty, chipping and bent. I felt sorry for it; especially when I saw the same one at an antique show for $50.00.
 This table belonged to a great Aunt. When she passed on, this table was unwanted by the relatives. I took it with the hope of one day repainting it.

 Sarah's dad has all the good tools, so I put him to work after hours of my hand sanding. Boy, the proper tools make all the difference in the world when doing a project!
 We got them in 1975 for $10.00 each at a swap meet, but didn't paint them until 1979.
                                                  All rust removed and sanding is finished!
                                                  The little table feels loved now.
                          This table had lots of scratches and dings. We did our best, and I love it!
 From June of 1979 to July of 2011. The old paint job lasted 32 years. WOW! what a difference a little care can make. I recently saw this era of shell back chairs at a swap meet for $65.00 each, and yesterday I went to a garden furniture store where they were $95.00 each. The sandpaper, primer, and paint for all of these chairs was about $25.00.  Restore it baby!!!!!
 The patio store wanted $90.00 for each chair pad!!! Whew! Home Depot wanted $50.00
 I used my very old dining room chair pads, and just recovered them with a remnant from Walmart that cost $3.oo a yard.

 I pick up little lanterns that I see at yard sales or at Thrift stores. My rule is never to pay past $3.oo each. I prime them and paint them. They are beautiful at night with a tea candle glowing inside! I have strung these on a Jasmine vine.
 My friends brought me the purple metal rocker which you can see to the right. It was white and rusted pretty badly, but I loved that it was a rocker. The friends are walkers and they have brought me several treasures on trash day. How thoughtful they were to drag this lovely chair all the way to my house. You should see the wicker shelf they brought me. (it is still in progress.) As you can see, I use very bold colors! I love color, it must be the artist spirit in me!

I made six of these cushions.
We found this darling little metal chair (below) on a close out sale at the Lowe's in San Clemente, Calif. It was only $10.00. Now, our little Robert will fit in with the large metal chairs.

 The 99 cent store has Terra Cotta pots for 99 cents each, they also had Tea Roses for 99 cents each. I bought  some and decided to paint them to match the chairs.
 This is my favorite chair which cost NOTHING, the trash chair turned purple!
This is a swap meet chair, I think it was 5 or 10 dollars. I bought it a while ago. It has been sitting in a pile of other "STUFF" waiting it's turn to be restored.
In my life, necessity has always been the mother of invention.


  1. Love the way your chairs turned out! The colors look wonderful in your yard! ~April

  2. Thank you, April!
    I can't wait to view your blog!
    Happy Fall, and God bless you.