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Philippians 4:8

Monday, August 1, 2011

Refreshing Grape Salad

I enjoyed this absolutely GREAT salad at my friend's home on several occasions.
Sorry, this picture does not do it justice. I wasn't at home to put it in a beautiful crystal dish, but oh! it was DELICIOUS!
She has prepared it with green grapes only, and with red grapes only and once with mixed grapes. Every time was scrumptious!!!!!
I have a sweet tooth so I add a little more brown sugar and a little more nuts when I prepare this recipe.
It is the talk-all at every single function I have taken it to!
I would like to share this recipe with you ONLY, LOL! if you give me feedback (please) and tell me how you made yours?

4 pounds of seedless grapes
1- 8 ounce cream cheese
1- 8 ounce sour cream
1/4- cup of brown sugar
1 cup -regular sugar
1/4 cup -of mixed nuts

Soften cream cheese at room temperature
wash and DRY the grapes (important not to have wet grapes)
Put white sugar, sour cream, cream cheese, in a large bowl and mix together, then mix in with the grapes
Separately mix chopped nuts together with brown sugar, just right before you serve this; sprinkle this mixture on top (generously) of grape salad, kind of like a loose crust
I used a cup of cashews instead of walnuts, I also used 1 cup of brown sugar
you may chill this salad without the topping until you serve it for a cool, crisp and crunchy dessert!
I promise, you will enjoy this one!
Bon Appetite! Love, Robinbird :)


  1. This is one of my top salads. It can be made with low fat cream cheese and splenda, too, for those who are diabetics. Now you have me craving it!

  2. Thank you, Pamela. I need to try the low-fat recipe!