"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am thrilled to Welcome WEDNESDAY!

Yesterday, was not a fabulous day! I had an early morning dental appointment, then; a not cooked yet breakfast at McDonald's, a jungle ride through Target, a loading zone at Michael's craft store, a hit and miss butt-in-line, grand time at Target, a hair appointment changed at the last minute, and good old Jury Duty waiting for me at home!
I have been waiting for you Wednesday!

Looks like I need another Root Canal!
My daughter tried to cheer me up with food! After my dental appointment, my daughter and I treated ourselves to breakfast at McDonald's. We were asked to move on up because our eggs needed more time. we waited...
Then, we went to Target to look at Baby things. A lady butted right in front of me! She told the cashier, "I only have one thing, and I am in hurry!" THEN!! another lady BUTTED and she said to me, "I have a cold and I need to hurry to go back to the pharmacy before noon, you'll let me go ahead of you, won't you?" I said, "Go right ahead everyone else is."
THEN! A very, very rude man was running with a large basket through the aisles. We were walking straight north and he peeked out from his east west direction. I looked him in the eye as we went walking; and as if a whistle blew for him to run for his life, he darted right in front of us.
It was so deliberate, it was frightening!
I grabbed my pregnant daughter away from his cart.
My daughter was behind me. When she placed her things on the conveyor to be rung up, I heard a little voice say, "Daddy you are rude, don't put your things there, that lady was there first." NO LIE! It was the running cart guy trying to butt in front of my daughter! Unreal! It seems like
almost everyone there was sick. Snivelling, coughing, drippy noses everywhere in Target!
When leaving Target, a man was driving on the wrong side of the parking lot. He was tying to get my space from the wrong direction which held up traffic! Whew!
At Michael's crafts we told one another to hurry; because I had a hair appointment which I had waited one month to get. I was looking pretty shaggy. My daughter only needed blue yarn. WELL!! there were two women chatting in the middle of the yarn aisle. We said, "Excuse us ladies." They were not moving at all. They commenced with their conversation. I told my daughter that we will go up the other side of the aisle.
A woman was standing at the end of that aisle reading a book on Knitting.
We excused ourselves to her and she moved about 5 inches. We still couldn't get through. Is there a rude flu?
We are in a terrible hurry for me to get to my hair appointment. We see Sarah's Dad having his lunch at Taco Bell near our car. He gets chatty and we are trying to leave. My cell rings and it is my hair Salon saying that my stylist is cancelling. I take the substitute. We made it home; starving for lunch. I hunt through the house looking for a fix of chocolate. The mail arrives as I'm hunting. Goody, goody gumdrops! I got summoned to Jury Duty!
There was no chocolate to be found on the premises. I remembered I bought a bag of Brach's conversation hearts to put in my candy jar for Valentines. They will be gone by then I am certain! LOL.
As I finally got a chance to have a sugar high, I reminisced about the Butterscotch candy I so loved as child. I got to thinking that not everyone is rude; and then I remembered dear, Butterscotch George!
So now, to make a long story even longer, Here is my story about Butterscotch George:

I didn't like Kindergarten, I was freightened of it. I remember working myself into a tizzy of stomachaches, and sometimes even creating a fever because of school anxiety. IN retrospect, I think I was too immature to be starting school. I was a November baby. I should have waited another year.
I remember endless mornings filled with tears, pleading with my mother to, "Take me home!"
My mother told me to ask God to send my Guardian Angel to watch over me while we were apart, so I did! I think my angel was Butterscotch George.
We weren't allowed many sweet treats while growing up because our mother had Diabetes. She was extremely strict concerning our sugar intake.
We were allowed sweet treats only on special occasions; birthdays, holidays, Saturday ice cream while watching The Lawrence Welk Show, Sunday lollypops and popcorn while watching Bonanza and Disneyland!
My guardian angel was unaware of our sweets rule. Butterscotch George would slip me a piece of butterscotch candy wrapped in golden cellophane. Oh! how that wrapper glistened in the sunlight!
When George would see me at the crosswalk, which was almost daily; he would whistle some pretty little tune that always made me feel better.
George seemed really old, almost ancient to me. He was very tall and he had grey hair, a moustache, and very bushy eyebrows. He wore all white clothing and a white hat that resembled a Sea Captain's hat. He was very neat. His shoes were always shiny-black, and they squeaked with a quenching, leathery sound when he walked.
I loved George because he was kind to me, also; his love and compassion comforted my little heart!
looking back, in retrospect; I don't recommend accepting candy from strangers. However, George was no stranger, he had been a crossing guard at that corner for many years. The whole town knew him.
I was too young to know if George was a God fearing man or not. I do know that he lived God's word:
"If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my Disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." Matthew 10:22
Because February is upon us, and in honor of ST. valentinus; I am going to try to live God's love and be kind to someone (mindfully so) each day of this month. Maybe it will become a habit. Pray for me, I am sometimes rough around the edges. Better yet, join me!
Have a grateful, blessed Wednesday! :)

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  1. yikes! that sounds like Walmart behavior creeping into Target!!