"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Was a Wonderful Wednesday!

Whew! am I tired, and it is only Wednesday.
Well, what I want to say is, God Bless America!
I had a Root Canal on Monday, A great Bible study from the book "Crazy Love" on Tuesday, company for dinner every night since Saturday, and Jury duty all day today.
What did Wednesday whirl my way?
I dreaded Monday's Root Canal, but to my surprise I was blessed. My Dentist was compassionate ( a Christian man.) I learned that my daughter went to high school with my Dentist's son, a neat coincidence!
 His assistant was cheerful. I learned that she is a single mom of four. She stands all day long helping our decaying teeth to heal. She supports her children herself. Do you ever think of the people we dread, as having fears and troubles of their own? This young lady has a special needs 22 yr. old daughter at home who needs constant care and has to be fed with a tube, and she has a tracheotomy.
My Dentist is a Ballroom dancer, and he co-owns a Dance studio; so now I can imagine him gracefully dancing without a drill in his hand, Gee! he has a life LOL!
After observing other people's circumstances, I got through a Root Canal without much thought of myself (for a change!)
Tuesday, I read  the book, Crazy Love. I was convicted of my spiritual life; learning how much more I can do for Christ, how much more I can be through Him, how much more time I need to spend alone with Him, and HOW MUCH CHRIST LOVES US! Such a real truthful book!
I have a meniscus tear in both of my knees, so I was really dreading Wednesday; Jury Duty, the underground parking, the stairs, the transfers from room to room.
A Judge orientated us with a speech of appreciation, thanking us for helping our judicial system; "Innocent until proven guilty."
Speeches, paperwork, more paper work, transferring around from room to room, jury selection, prosecution, defence, evidence, deliberation, verdicts, waiting, waiting and more waiting!
I sat next to an Arab woman who was so delightful. She was born in Bethlehem, and told me all about it saying that she made the two hour car trip to Nazareth every time she went back there to visit her parents. I was awed!!! I dream of going to the Holy Land and this woman was born and raised there! She told me how she became an American citizen. Her husband has an affluent job here. She spoke well of living in the United States. She impressed and taught me. As I was sitting in the juror selection seat; #6; 2445, I listened to so many stories about other peoples life's, occupations, and their opinions.
There are many wounded people in this world.
The judge was a perky down to earth, young Anglo woman. The court reporter was a very beautiful, intelligent, well dressed African American woman. She was wearing some beautiful gold jewelry on her wrists which were typing what seemed to be as fast as lightening.
The D. A. was also a very distinguished, intelligent African American woman. I was so happy to be around a courtroom that was well run by women!
I found myself staring at the accused criminal. I was thinking of how he was once a precious innocent baby in his mother's womb. What happened? I started praying for him.
I thank God for the judicial system, and yet, at the same time, I think it is sad that we have to have one at all. It started with Cain and Abel and it won't end until Jesus comes back. Until then, please pray! You are soooooooooo important and so are your prayers for a fallen world.
Sometimes I wonder what my significance is in this great big planet, and other times I know it perfectly. It is simple: serve!
Give a penny, give a smile, give a glass of water. Give hope, give love, give the gift of Christ through you, despite you, and then just LET IT BE...

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