"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home is Where Your Heart is

I was out of town, so I didn't make it home to post my Women Living Well story on time for Wednesday.
I was at my daughter's house . We are preparing her baby's nursery.
I was painting my old baby dresser and it began to rain. As I was wheeling it into her garage, I thought, Why am I doing this :sanding, priming, spakling holes and dents? I am tired and it is cold. Let's just get a new one. There is a little door that opens on the side of the dresser, and I remember hiding in there when my siblings and I played hide and go seek. Then, I remembered being pregnant many years ago and painting this very dresser for myself. All of my Sarah's pretty little clothes were washed and hanging awaiting her birth.
 My own mother got this dresser from her sister when she was expecting my older sister; and Daddy was in Korea as my mom painted it for her baby 60 years ago! The little door has a picture of Jack and Jill climbing a hill and they are holding a bucket of water. That was the first nursery rhyme I memorized because I am a visual learner. My mother embroidered a quilt for me that had the words and the picture of Jack and Jill. I marveled at how my blanket matched the dresser!
Tuesday, I attended my dear friend's father's funeral. Today is my daughter's father's 60th birthday. I will soon become a grandma! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? My mind is still a young girl. My body feels the creaks of a 55 yr. old. My energy needs boosting these days, but my spirit is hopeful: onward and upward!
I recently visited with some of my childhood friends who are now retired. WOW!
I was in San Clemente, Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Monrovia all in one day. We saw so many beautiful homes, stores, and gardens. The freeways were ridiculously full, almost frighteningly so.
As I returned home, I was greeted by my rascal cats who seemed to anxiously tattle on each other. A vase had fallen in my bedroom. One of them slid the dining room tablecloth to the floor. My crocus plant had bloomed; a butter-yellowish orange color! I had several phone calls awaiting me, and I thought, there is no place like home! Then, I thought of the recent funeral and then I thought of my mother painting the very same dresser I had just painted, and my daughter's children will most likely; someday paint it again.
The Bible says that we are only aliens to this life on earth. My mom is deceased and I miss her, and so goes the cycle of life as we know it.
I believe that our purpose here on earth is to glorify God in all we do, especially when we don't feel like it. I can go back in my mind, to those happy days and times anytime I want to. Jesus promised us many mansions in His father's house. I believe this, and so I know that there is no place like home.
I anticipate eternal happiness, this day is but a vapor in time; let's make it matter!
Happy Thursday!

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