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Philippians 4:8

Monday, March 28, 2011

My first try at WOOL ROVING: Robert's Lamb

My daughter and I were at a craft store and we saw a most unusual book.
My daughter admired the darling little animals and other creatures which were featured in this book, so I decided to purchase it. After arriving home and realizing what I got myself into, I put the book away for a few weeks.
After re-reading the instructions of how to make these animals, I learned that special tools are required. I also became aware of the fact that no store I went to; had raw wool for sale. Finally, I ordered some wool on-line from a farm in Colorado. I am talking raw, right off the animal wool.
 I also ordered some already dyed colored wool samples. I used the pink wool for the inside of this lamb's ears!
                               This art is called: "Wool Roving"
No pins, sewing needles, thread, dowels, wires or glue is allowed. I used a very sharp roving needle to weave and push the wool together to form this little lamb. It is similar to sculpting. When the wool I ordered arrived, it was brown and filthy.
I bleached it for 3 days and then combed it out before rolling it into balls to rove the lamb together. Quite a feat for me. I intend to make a bunny, a squirrel, a cat, and a Robin bird. I need time to relax from making "Little Lamb."
I was extremely tempted to buy a little woolen toy, but Robert will be my first grandchild and one day he will realize how dear he is to me!
I wanted to share a picture of my finished product. If any of you have heard of, or have done ROVING, please let me know. I am so eager to learn about this art. :) 


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