"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."
Philippians 4:8

Thursday, March 17, 2011

LATE Wednesday! Well, I finally got to the computer at 1:14a.m.

I got my hair cut today. Afterwards, I went to the market, the Post office, the craft store, and to the library.
Everything started out miserably! I don't have the kind of hair I wish I had; mine is thick and unruly!
The price of gasoline and groceries seems to soar by the minute, my letters needed 2 stamps instead of 1, and my coupon was not valid at Michaels craft store.
The icing of the afternoon was my trip to the library. There was a very stange woman sitting next to me. She coughed like she had double Pneumonia. She spoke out LOUDLY!! The library did not have any information on the subject I was searching for. I kept moving away from this strange cougher, and it seemed like everywhere I moved , she was there. Oh! and she touched 3 different computers and tons of books. WHY DON'T SICK PEOPLE STAY HOME???????????????
When I returned home, I did the dishes, cooked dinner, and fed the cats. I heard loud hissing on my front porch, I opened the door and I saw a beautiful gray cat eating my cat's food. This angered me and I told that cat to get out of my yard (like it cared or even understood) and then I threw a newspaper at that free-loading cat.
I decided to look in the mirror and asses my haircut. While looking in my mirror, two things happened: 1. My cat , Little Bear cracked me up. She was admiring herself in the mirror next to me. I ran and took a picture to share with you. Unbelievable! I cooked dinner and she was still in the mirror purring away! This made me feel sorry for the free-loader cat. I put a cup of food on the porch and it came back and ate.
#2. I realized how much joy we get from little things. I started re- evaluating my frustrations.
I made meatball subs, a caesar salad and baked potatoes. I am grateful that I can afford food and not have to grow it, raise it, or ship it.
A very kind girl at the market helped me carry my things; another kind woman waved me on to cross the street when she could have gone first.
A man walked up to me at the craft store and asked me if I wanted his coupon for 1/2 price frames (as I was purchasing a picture frame) Well, the cashier would not accept the coupon because my frame was "liquidation" not "sale". Another woman in line gave me her 40% off any item coupon, and STILL it was not applicable for "liquidated" items! BUT, the kindness of strangers was my lesson!
I had to spend 80 cents to mail my Doctor a COPY of a form which they MISPLACED! BUT, I have insurance which I need to value these days!
AND the letter I sent to a friend that weighed too much? Well to cheer a friend up should be worth 80 cents! It's cheaper than treating for lunch :)
AS FOR THE LIBRARY COUGHER? I still think she should have stayed home! The Resource lady was a doll. She tried so hard to help me with my project, and I got to see our new, beautiful multi-million dollar library that my taxes helped pay for.
It truly is a choice to see goodness in challenging events.
Remember to wear GREEN or you will get pinched! OR maybe not, and enjoy the pinch!
Have a blessed rest of the week :) :) :)

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